Parish School of Religion

Joyce Secreto, Director of Religious Education

St. Anthony: CONFIRMATIONCLASS TONIGHT: November 9, from 6pm - 8pm. See you there boys and girls! Youth Group meeting November 16th from 5:30-7:00pm.., in the dining hall of the Church. We will work out details for our up and coming events. See you then!

The children will be doing the Mass today. Our readers are Olivia O’Connor, Taya Bailey and Maura Stark. Sean Martin and Logan Nulph will take up the gifts. Altar servers are Marley Herberger, Leah Shaw and Nathan Maxwell. The other children will be singing. Please sing along with them.

We are planning a Christmas program this year please check your child’s folder we will need parent participation to make this happen. We will furnish the costumes but we will need a little help from you, thanks for your support.

Joyce Secreto DRE